Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Classes at Sky Yoga

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Classes offered in the Lehigh Valley.

Designed for the mom from 9 months before baby comes, to 9 months after baby is here.

The class will include poses for supporting the pregnant body, preparing for labor, and strengthening the body post partum.

This yoga class includes asana (poses), as well as breathing techniques for relaxation and serenity, and fosters a community where women can bond around their journey to and through motherhood.

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Sky Yoga Studio's Iyengar Yoga classes offered in the Lehigh Valley PA, Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Emmaus PA, and Easton PA.

"I loved prenatal yoga!
You were a wonderful instructor and understood what we were going through and what we were capable of with our bodies. You were so patient with us. You took time to get to know each mommy and that meant a lot. I felt very relaxed in your class. The environment was perfect. I miss class and would return again if I have another baby!!" - Jenna K.

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"My experience with the prenatal Yoga at Sky Yoga was great!
I was active throughout my entire pregnancy but couldn't quite pull off regular yoga in that final month and the prenatal yoga provided the perfect way to stay active while accommodating the unique needs of the pregnant body. My pregnancy ended in a C section and I have no doubt staying active with the help of prenatal yoga played an instrumental part in my speedy recovery. Sara was incredibly helpful, going as far as researching and emailing me additional positions that would be helpful for me after my first class. Highly recommended!" Pam W.
"Sara's prenatal yoga class was a wonderful class that helped me take time for me and baby.
With this being my third child, I wanted to have some relaxation time that I could look forward to each week and this class provided that for me. It allowed me to feel that I was taking time for my baby among all the craziness that life brings you when you have other children. It also made me feel wonderful both mentally and physically allowing my muscles to relax and me to breathe more easily. Sara was very attentive and thoughtful of all her students. Her class always left me feeling peaceful and relaxed. I'd recommend this class to any pregnant woman, whether it is her first or even third child. Taking this prenatal class definitely beats any prenatal yoga video done at home." Jen L.
"[The] Docs said I was a great pusher and were impressed by my flexibility... I attributed it all to prenatal yoga!
I will continue to spread the word about your class...made a huge difference for me. Not ready for another one anytime soon, but if and when I am, I'll be sure to be back in class. I was pretty miserable at times during pregnancy but I always loved coming to class and the camaraderie of all the mommies! It was one of the only things that made me feel better." Andrea C.